Block ads, tracking, popup sites and servers that most used on Thai sites.


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Separate filter lists from a former Thai AntiForceLike to block (third party) ads, tracking, monetisation, pop-ups that most used in Thai sites.

Statement of this list

  • I won’t support illegal streaming sites, include anime, movies, series, named it!
    • You may look to other lists like
    • If you having problem with those sites, report to one of two repo above (or both), I won’t risk my life into the pitfall lair of ads and tracking! (Indeed!!)
  • Any sites that was strictly blocked for certain reason (e.g. use as mobile download content) will cease to support and no way to whitelist for skae of prevent money loss and/or additional charge over mobile carrier!

For alternative version (aka. MAXIMUM MODE), click here or use mirror!